2HotRadio is a Different Kind of Music Platform that is Independent and Here for Every Artist’s Needs.

Artists are always looking for new ways to promote their music. It can be difficult for minor artists to find a platform to get their music and brand out there. Without this exposure and ability to access the public, music goes undiscovered. This is where 2HotRadio, which is managed by DJ Outlet, comes in to help.

“2HotRadio is the only radio station that’s truly created a major platform for independent artists to perform and promote their music. All the other major radio stations wait for artists to reach a certain level of success. A certain number of followers, views, etc. We work with artists from the ground up, who may have never even been in a studio before; to artists who are already established. Since 2006, we’ve been traveling city to city, year round creating platforms for independent artists to perform during major events, such the Superbowl Weekend, All-Star Weekend, BET Awards Weekend and so much more,” DJ Outlet describes.

However, radio is just skimming the surface of what 2HotRadio does. In addition to the platform it gives artists and their music, there is also a sister site where tickets can be purchased to help get the word out about concerts, events and more.

“Through our sister site – 2HotTickets, where we have access to 100,000+ shows, festivals, and sporting events worldwide. We create connections between artists & fans. Artists are looking for fans. Fans are looking to discover new music. We bring the two together in many ways. Additionally we help artists with creating merch, and we educate them on the ins and outs of the music business through experiences and digital learning,” DJ Outlet states.

What motivated the team of the people to begin helping artists was their desire to help more undiscovered and underserved musicians grow even if they did not have access to the traditional resources that lead to success. They saw a problem in the music industry and decided to take it on themselves to make a difference. 

“The motivation began from watching how independent artists were treated by A&R’s from major record labels, and radio program directors. We know how hard artists work on their craft, from writing lyrics, to recording to promoting their music. We know many of these artists come from underprivileged backgrounds, where their own source of hope for them and their family is their music. So to know this, and see how major radio stations and labels laugh at these artists when they are struggling and don’t help, but then want to befriend them once they become successful, just makes us want to do something different. Many labels and radio stations don’t even listen to music from independent artists,” DJ Outlet explains.

The 2HotRadio and 2HotTickets Team is continuing on what they do best. They say that their goals for 2022 are the same that they were for 2021: they want to continue to elevate the voices of artists that need the platform and the help that they can provide.

“Our next projects coming in 2022 are much the same as 2021. We are just looking to serve many more people. We have events lined up for Super Bowl Weekend, All-Star Weekend, 420, BET Awards Weekend and more. We also are continuing to promote the biggest concerts sporting events worldwide. We are just looking to increase our reach and provide more opportunities for more people. We are also looking to expand our digital reach. Not everyone is able to make it out in person to an event, so we are expanding our virtual offers. Our mission is to provide more opportunities for more people. We are also working on a project that has created an investment platform for young artists,” DJ Outlet details.

To find out more about 2HotRadio and support their endeavors, you can follow them on instagram here and check out their website here.