Dov Adams: The distinctly un-orthodox entrepreneur building the next tech unicorn

Dov Adams knew from day one that life wouldn’t just hand him opportunity; he’d have to make and take those opportunities for himself. Born into an ultra-orthodox family, Dov grappled with a dual reality, stuck between honoring the wishes of his family and carving out his own future in this world. Faced with these two choices, Dov set out on his own with dreams of fortune and fame and the singular goal of turning those dreams into a reality. Dov – now the owner of several multi-million dollar companies – recognizes just how easy it is to gloss over his past struggles now that he’s “made it.” But the young entrepreneur also realizes the importance of grasping one’s own roots, and is quick to open up about how hard those first few years were for him.

“I was brought up in a super religious household,” shares Dov. “Those first few years of life were incredibly conflicted for me, but I ended up leaving home at age twelve, bouncing around different homes until I came of age. By the time I left high school, I had already tried my hand at several small-scale ventures and knew it was time that it was time I launched my first business. I’ve since founded and launched multiple multi-million dollar companies, and use the cash from them to fuel a luxury lifestyle, traveling the world for fun and to grow the reach and influence of my businesses.”

Dov’s most recent seven-figure venture, Ucallz, has exploded along with his globetrotting lifestyle. Through Ucallz, Dov has tapped into the lucrative live-answering market, allowing companies to outsource their receptionist and helpline calls to Ucallz specialists at less than half the cost of handling calls in-house. Whether working with other startups or international enterprise clients, Dov leverages Ucallz proprietary business model to cut his clients’ costs while delivering a superior product to their own clientele. With several similar successes under his belt, Dov has taken to traveling the world to promote his products and network with other like-minded entrepreneurs in locations from Bangkok to Barcelona.

“I strongly believe that what you think about is what will happen,” confides Dov. “You are the one that creates your story in life, so if you don’t believe in what you’re doing or if you don’t actually think you can succeed and achieve your goals, you will never have a chance to achieve them. As an entrepreneur, I do my best to embody this winning mentality from dawn until dusk every single day. After running my first multi-million dollar company, I decided that the only way to reach my goal of building a billion dollar company is through a start up, because the only way to succeed at that level is to create something that truly helps millions of people around the world.”

With that in mind, Dov has set out to build the world’s next tech unicorn. Leveraging connections in the world of The home service industry andhi-tech, Dov is focusing all of his energy towards creating a technology service that truly changes the way people live and think on a daily basis. Dov’s travels have brought him to some of the most-remote corners of the world, putting him in touch with everyone from Thai farmers to Emirati sheiks, and teaching him a bit about each group’s problems along the way. Dov thus sees the world not only through his own eyes, but through the eyes of each and every person he meets, transforming the myopic vision of the typical tech-entrepreneur into a vision of success with the potential to touch millions of people around the world. 

You can follow Dov Adams on Instagram (@dov.adams), where he shares glimpses into his travels and entrepreneurial tips & tricks