Meet Daniela Labory: The Venezuelan Blogger and Influencer Who is Frank With Her 60K Followers About the Products She Consumes

Daniela Labory is a Venezuelan who migrated to Florida at the age of 24 after recognizing there were no opportunities for growth in her profession as a mechanical engineer in her country.

Today Daniela is a fashion, lifestyle, food, travel and beauty blogger with over 60K followers on Instagram. Since she was younger, she had been interested in and surrounded by the world of fashion and beauty.

I come from Venezuela, and the issue of beauty is the daily life of Venezuelan women.” This eventually led her to discover that her “true passion was fashion, personal care and travel, as well as achieving financial freedom.”

Through her work as an influencer, Daniela collaborates with many famous brands, testing products and creating high-performance commercial content using the best marketing strategies to boost the brands she works with. 

People need to be referred to products that are of optimal quality and that lead to results in a short time. Many brands cease to exist in the market because their products don’t meet this expectation. This inspired me to focus on real quality products, great places to visit, and life-changing tips for my audience.” Daniela explains.

Daniela’s path to success has not always been easy. She started from scratch, sharing content with her family and friends, and having at the same time a permanent job as an engineer. 

I started from scratch, as an amateur sharing content remotely for family and friends. As I posted more and more, many people began to follow me and I would receive so much affection and requests to see more. That was when I understood the potential of creating a brand.” Daniela shares, and adds, “I recently left my job as an engineer and I dedicate myself exclusively to this project, which makes me feel very happy and fulfilled“. 

The main motivator for Daniela to dedicate herself to blogging was her desire to achieve financial freedom–to have her own work schedule and independence. On top of this, she wanted to continue meeting the expectations of her followers.

“I couldn’t talk about personal care products, fashion, travel, and a great lifestyle if I didn’t live it and realize how happy it makes me. Having my audience identified, I would discover more qualities that I possess, and would value more who I am, something that in a conventional job they do not tell you, but you must discover it on your own. I am now able to know much better what I am capable of.” Daniela explains.

But it was still hard for her to transition from a permanent job to her own business. Most of the time, entrepreneurs or brand starters do not have financial backing when they first develop an idea, which means they have to work overtime. But this all pays off when the idea and the plan is right.

“To start a business, the first thing you should do is define your audience, by defining who your objective is, you can come up with better proposals. Once you define your goal, you are ready for the creative phase and that is when you must innovate. Second, new entrepreneurs must surround themselves with people who are also starting projects. This will fill them with a lot of energy and good vibes, and it is very helpful to face discouragement. Lastly, starting a business requires patience and discipline. The new way to sell is to give away. At the beginning you will publicize your product/service in this way, to make yourself known and create your portfolio.” Daniela advises, stressing the importance of perseverance.

Moreover, Daniela believes that it is important to share her experience. She often quotes Andrés Oppenheimer, who said that one of the keys to success is sharing what you have and know. 

In many ways, Daniela’s transparency towards her followers is what differentiates her from other influencers. Her followers love that she is frank and honest with them and that she always speaks from experience. This includes talking about big challenges.

One of the main obstacles I have faced has been the mastery of the English language. In my early days, I was terrified of making mistakes in English. Although I have studied it since I was a child and understand it perfectly, I am working to achieve total fluency in order to express myself in public in front of large audiences.” Daniela comments, and adds, “Another challenge I faced in the beginning was defining my market. I wanted to cover many things and types of products and that is not possible. It cost me a price until I understood that I had to define my target and work accordingly.”

In the near future, Daniela has been focusing on standardizing processes and delegating tasks in her business. At first she used to be her only employee, but she is now building and training a team of professionals to work together to achieve the objectives of the brand. This will allow Daniela to position herself as an influential blogger outside the state of Florida and eventually, internationally.

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