Running A Business Doesn’t Have To Consume Your Life – Mindset Coach GiGi Diaz Shows Women How To Build An Abundant Life And Business Without Sacrificing One Or The Other

GiGi Diaz is a Certified Mindset and Social Media Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, and founder of Seizing Happy™, a coaching organization dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs build the business and life of their dreams. The organization is focused on nurturing the business and the woman behind the business equally; teaching women how to achieve success with less stress. On the business side, the organization offers courses and one-on-one coaching on social media growth and branding. 

“When it comes to nurturing our womenpreneurs we offer mindset coaching in digital programs as well as 1:1, helping boss babes remove blocks that push away money, boosting their confidence and helping them overcome impostor syndrome,” GiGi explains. 

GiGi opened her first business at just 17 years of age – a dance studio named GiGi’s Academy, which is still up and running today and has been named Top 3 Dance Studios for 3 consecutive years. From thereon, GiGi opened, managed, and sold multiple successful businesses, until she burnt herself out, inspiring her to create Seizing Happy™. GiGi tells the story of how she used to work mornings on air in radio, evenings as a sports reporter, and also was running her first business when she decided to go for her Masters Degree. Running on 4 hours of sleep, energy drinks, and protein bars, GiGi started losing her hair, breaking out, and one night, she lost her vision while driving. This landed GiGi in the hospital. 

“Sitting in that ER, learning that my body was burnt out and depleted, I realized no matter how successful my businesses were, no matter how much my radio/television career was flourishing, no matter how much money I was making, none of it mattered cause I too busy “hustling” to enjoy any of it. This was when everything changed and I realized that entrepreneurship means more than pouring into your business, it means pouring into yourself as well,” GiGi shares. 

After this scary health scare, GiGi began a journey of self discovery and shifts through which she learned to work smarter rather than harder. She learned to heal her relationship with money and learned to hear and trust her intuition. She started to let go of the guilt that she once felt when she put herself first. As she applied these shifts and a few others, she saw her business and her life flourish with joy and abundance. 

“That’s when I realized it was time to teach other womenpreneurs to achieve success with less stress, and this is where Seizing Happy™ was born. From its inception, Seizing Happy™ has helped hundreds of women find their purpose, boost their confidence, and elevate their life and business to flow in joy and abundance,” states GiGi. 

Despite the challenges they faced with Covid-19, GiGi and her team were able to adapt to digital formats, which ultimately expanded their reach. Now the organization is able to have an impact on a national level and global reach is on the horizon. 

Now, they are celebrating the launch of the Seizing Happy™ 3Rs System: Reset your life for Success with Less Stress in 8 Weeks. This is a LIVE 8 week program working directly with GiGi. The program has been transformational for the womenpreneurs who have gone through it. This year alone, GiGi and her team plan to change the lives of at least 1,000 women with this course and are steady on the way! 

If you’re ready to transform your life, DM GiGi on her Instagram here, and save your seat for the upcoming launch in June.