Adam Jablin Believes That People Often Disconnect From Themselves, Which is Dangerous and Detrimental: Learn the Secrets To Reconnecting With Your True Self

Sometimes people disconnect from themselves as they go through life and its ever changing ways. But this can separate people from their path to success in life. Moreover, being disconnected can lead to constant damage to people’s relationships and more propensity to fall into addiction.

Fortunately, Adam Jablin, certified life coach, recovery mentor, author, speaker, and creator of the Hero Programs has some secrets to share to help people reconnect with their true self.

“Many times we are looking for a distraction from life’s worries and problems. We look at our smartphones, text, tweet, post on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc. Then we feel guilty for being distracted and put our loved ones first—because they deserve some attention—before we know it…we have completely disconnected from ourselves!” Adam explains, and adds. “Some of the signs of not being connected are anger, frustration, anxiety, weight gain/loss, exhaustion and restlessness.”

Adam has three strategies to help people reconnect with themselves. First: say a morning prayer. Second: dedicate 20 minutes to meditation at the start of the day. And third: exercise. 

“For me, reconnecting with myself means to truly turn my life over to God. To take care of myself mentally, physically,spiritually, and emotionally, and while keeping my goals and projects—giving the glory to God—not—me me me me me.” Adam states.

Everyone goes through difficult times in their life. But it’s important to be able to reconnect with their inner purpose to help them overcome challenges. One of the things Adam likes to recommend is journaling and sharing with a mentor, which for him is Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame legend Dion DiMucci. 

“It is very important to be aligned with your essence. It is everything!” Adam says. “I believe in living whole and intrinsically and being a free agent. Dion taught me that where my treasure is, there will be my heart also.”

In particular for Adam, to reconnect with himself and his inner purpose and essence is to really connect with God. He sees it as a surrender that allows him to let life naturally unfold. 

Through his work, Adam helps each of his clients stay connected to their purpose even though each client and purpose is unique. He asks them to keep a journal to record their daily goals and share victories and defeat after daily prayers and meditation.

In a way, what he does for his clients is what Dion already does for him. Adam fills other people’s cup with energy, knowing that Dion filled his cup already. He understands everyone needs to be supported.

“There are habits we can implement in our daily routines in order to remain true to ourselves. We can disconnect from our phones, social media, the news, and truly be in the moment. Become a mystic for one hour. Don’t project negatively, don’t replay the past. Give yourself one hour to enjoy the moment!” Adam shares, and adds. “To silence external noises and calm busy minds, I stay focused on the goal. Be a racehorse, put blinkers on. Don’t think about what this person or that person is thinking, just attack!”

Once people are connected with themselves, they can feel centered and confident about who they are. They can understand their emotions, feelings and desires more clearly, and know their strengths while acknowledging their limitations.

“I prescribe mindfulness! Coach Phil Jackson taught me personally the idea of one breath—one mind. For me, my mental strength needs to be able to focus and concentrate on my family, my clients, my projects, my loved ones. I center myself.” Adam says.

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