Become the Best You with Aesthetics By LB

It’s important now more than ever to take care of ourselves as our normal routines are forced into a complete upheaval. No matter where you are in the world, there will be people who will want skincare services to become a better version of themselves.

Meet Aesthetics by LB, run by Monica and James Canales, who provide Aesthetics and specialized Paramedical Tattoo services. Aesthetics by LB consists of Spa treatments, lip color neutralizing (tattoo), scar camouflage (tattoo), and scalp micropigmentation (tattoo). 

At their spa, Monica and James believe they can help every one of their clients feel better about themselves. Aesthetics By LB has evolved from humble beginnings as basic esthetician services into a full service aesthetics and skincare provider. With a growing following and thousands of happy customers, it’s the best place in San Jose CA for aesthetics and services related to cosmetic tattooing.

With so much negativity and with the prevalence of body shaming and self doubt based on outside perception, Monica and James knew they could do something positive about this issue. With their combined skill sets, they chose to leverage what they know to offer budget friendly solutions that will boost people’s confidence and self image. Seeing the emotional reactions of the clients after a procedure, touches the hearts of both Monica and James. 

Compared to other aesthetic providers, at Aesthetics by LB, they understand how expensive the services are, thus offering the best services money can buy without charging a maximum for everything. Monica and James provide all their services as affordable and accessible as possible. Monica and James are more interested in the relationship with the client than chasing every dollar. This philosophy may not have made them rich at the bank, but it makes them rich on the inside because knowing their clients are happy and satisfied is amply fulfilling.

At Aesthetics By LB, Scalp Micropigmentation is the newest weapon in the fight against thinning and balding. If anyone has thinning hair, wants to cover a scar, has skin discoloration or wants lip color blushing or neutralization, they got you covered. Additionally, in the next couple weeks, Monica and James will also be extending their services to include HydraFacial™ facials to help further their clients beauty and skincare goals. Everyday at Aesthetics by LB, they try to ensure everyone who comes in knows that they care about them individually.

To learn more about their services check out their website at and follow them on Instagram @lb_aesthetics_