“El Barbero De Las Estrellas”. How celebrity barber Jonathan Morales turned his dream into a reality

Celebrity barber Jonathan Morales is no stranger to high-stake situations. Whether serving with the US Army overseas or working with global celebrities, Jonathan has turned his ability to handle pressure into a successful career. Jonathan began cutting hair at a young age, bringing much-needed cash in for his dad. It wasn’t until after he left his career in the armed forces that Jonathan set out on his path to become “El barbero de las estrellas“ and one of the most successful celebrity barbers in all of California. Now, Jonathan has his own brick-and-mortar barbershop in Bell, California, as well as at-home services supplied worldwide.

“I have been cutting hair for almost 24 years now,” shares Jonathan. “ I started at eleven years old just to help my father pay for extra things around the house, but I soon learned to love my profession for more than just the added cash. Not only did I develop a passion for working with men’s hair, but I started relaxing into my own personal style. Now, I have worked with more than 300 celebrities and I am able to travel around the world doing what I love and changing the way my customers look and feel.”

Jonathan got his first big break in 2016 when he was called to work with four-time World Boxing Champion Abner Mares from Guadalajara, Mexico. Working with Abner was the opportunity that Jonathan needed, and he soon opened his own barber shop in the city of Bell, California, servicing clients from around the Los Angeles area. Now everyone from professional fighters to soccer stars call on Jonathan to keep their looks on the cutting edge of his razor, elevating every star’s appearance to a whole new level. Such work hasn’t always come easily to Jonathan, however, as his suffering after getting wounded in Iraq.

“Before I ever worked full-time as a barber, I joined the US Army right after high school and served three times in Afghanistan, Baghdad and Fallujah. I feel enormous pride in the four years I spent with our country’s military, but it almost ended my career as a barber before it had even begun. During the battle of Fallujah, I was wounded twice in the back, losing my right lung and temporarily paralyzing my right hand. I could barely use my arm for a full year and struggled every day to regain motion and dexterity. Finally, after I left the military, I began working as a FedEx driver full time to provide for my family, and cutting hair on the weekends as a hobby in my home garage. After many years, I quit FedEx to pursue my barber career full time and put my hands towards a new purpose, making my clients their best selves.”

As if Jonathan’s words weren’t enough to go by, his Instagram is peppered with shots of his clients sitting down in his custom barber chairs. From at-home services, to custom beard and hair trims, Jonathan provides a top-notch product at every level of the game. Now, “El barbero de las estrellas” is launching his career as an entrepreneur, as well, bringing his custom barber shop setups to the world through an online marketplace. For young barbers out there, working with Jonathan and his bespoke equipment is an experience par-none, elevating their skills and personal style to unseen heights. Jonathan hopes that through working with new prodigies and an increasing portfolio of clients, he can usher in a new era for the world of celebrity barbers.

Moving forward, Jonathan hopes to expand his business to both new clients and other barbers, providing hair professionals the tools and training they need to succeed in a hypercompetitive industry. With the COVID-19 pandemic still fresh on customers’ minds, Jonathan has worked hard to bring the bespoke feel of his brick-and-mortar barber shop to the comfort of his clients’ homes. His custom barber equipment is now available for purchase online, and comes in a wide range of colors and styles to meet the brand needs of each barber. Whether providing top of the line service to celebrity customers or working with other high-end barbers worldwide, Jonathan Morales is sure to bring a fresh perspective and clean, professional look to patrons of all types. He now became a successful entrepreneur and an importing container from Asia and soon to be shipped worldwide.

You can view Jonathan Morales’ work on Instagram (@jonathan494) and check out his custom barber equipment online at jonathansdeluxe.com