Los Exitosos: Discover with Bily Paredes How Your Favorite Artists Rose to Fame

It has become clear that the path to fame is not easy. Our favorite singers, entertainers, comedians and more have had to work hard to position themselves and achieve the massive success many of them have acquired.

Now, under the slogan of “success will not come overnight”, the brand new digital Latino show, “Los Exitosos” premiered alongside the well-known Venezuelan journalist Víctor Paredes, better known as Bily Paredes, in which dives in, heard first, to learn first-hand how Latin America’s most famous celebrities have managed to achieve success.

Great personalities have passed through the important program, among them the Venezuelan comedian George Harris, the journalist Carolina “La Venenosa” Sandoval, Luis Chataing, Marko, Emilio Lovera, Norkys Batista, Raul González, among many other personalities who have achieved success.

Join @bilyparedes to learn each week how different artists’ path to success was created through all of the ‘Caraota Digital’ channels and through The Bunker on YouTube with more than 10,000,000 (Ten million followers).