Ojefe is a Musician Who Was Inspired By Others in the Rap Industry to Become a Hard Worker and Find His Sound.

Omar Enrique Ramos, better known as Ojefe, is a different kind of musician. From the Maryland area, Ojefe prides himself on being his own boss and helping others in the music industry follow their own dreams of music.

“I run a music business and I’m my own boss. I’m fully invested in myself with no manager. I performed my first show on October 14th 2018 and ever since then I’ve performed at least 60 times at different venues in major cities including Austin Texas, Miami, Atlanta, South Carolina, North Carolina, Washington D.C., New York City, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Silver Spring Maryland and Wheeling and Martinsburg West Virginia. I always deliver a high energy performance because at the end of the day I want everyone watching to know who I am before they leave,” Ojefe remarks.

Ojefe had always been musically inclined from a very young age. However, it took him a while to find his sound and create the music that best fit him and his experiences. When he finally did find his voice and his music, his career took off.

“I first started making Facebook and YouTube videos rapping on beats that I loved when I was 19 back in early 2010, but I never took my craft seriously until I finished my incarceration sentence of four and a half years from July 2012 to January 2017. I started recording my music professionally and releasing music videos early 2018. Since then I’ve consistently dominated all sorts of obstacles and achieved various accomplishments as an independent artist from Maryland!” Ojefe explains.

What inspired Ojefe to get into the business was listening to other musicians in the rap game. His biggest inspiration is Lil Wayne. He describes Lil Wayne’s work ethic and mentality constantly inspiring him to do more in the music industry.

“HipHop and rap artists inspired me to get into the industry, but mostly Lil Wayne because his work ethic is out of this world and watching him grow from a teenager until now. It has been inspiring, motivational, and he’s proof that I can do whatever I want too because you have to believe in yourself first, stay consistent, work smart, invest in your craft, maintain an image for the public, and never quit! I feel like I emulate his look and style in similar ways as well as other artists,” Ojefe states.

Ojefe has many big projects on the docket for this year. He is planning on releasing new music which he details below:

“I plan on recording my 5th project titled Landlord 5! It’s a sequel that displays my growth and talent ever since I started writing and recording my music! I plan on performing in other areas in the U.S. and internationally eventually to market my music and earn new fans and supporters!”

To find out more about Ojefe, follow him on Instagram here and check out his Youtube here.