The Successful Brazilian Entrepreneur Matheus Kavlan Giving Back to his Community

Meet Matheus Kavlan, self made entrepreneur and CEO of U Pick Motors and K21 agency

Matheus arrived in the U.S. 7 years ago, thanks to a full ride to attend the Missouri Military Academy. After receiving several accolades in soccer leagues, he set out for bigger and better things. Furthermore, Matheus always had a gift for sales, negotiations and marketing. He is also part of the NSLS (National Society of Leadership and Success) and stands out at the Eastern Oregon University, because of his renounced marketing knowledge.Thanks to the knowledge provided from college, his pure passion and dream of working for himself, Matheus was able to manifest his businesses into reality.

Now with K21 agency, Matheus combines creativity and thoughtfulness to build better marketing strategies and solve business challenges through better communication. Not only to solve challenges, but to help other brands adapt, grow, and communicate in the new digital world.

 As for U Pick Motors, it’s a new way of buying or renting cars from the safety of one’s home. Matheus launched a dealership with a modern twist, by bringing the best customer service and innovation back to an old market. Now fully running, it’s a fully online dealership, targeting specifically for Brazilian immigrants. Whether it’s a client’s first car or just renting, U Pick Motors would want to be there every step of the way.

Along the way, Matheus faced several challenges such as moving from his home country (Brazil), working remedial jobs, and suffered financial issues. Nevertheless, with the right mindset, patience, and confidence, Matheus took a passion he truly loved and turned it into a career path. 

Currently Matheus is expanding his businesses to the next level and reaching new audiences. Within the near future, Matheus expects K21 agency to reach its ten million revenue mark, and take U Pick Motors and make it reach over one million in revenue. Its nothing but up.

Check out K21 agency’s website at and U Pick Motor’s at 

For more information on Matheus follow him on instagram @matheuskavlan